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The following are the general conditions of our domain name service, Virtual Hosting, Reseller service, VPS, Dedicated Servers Streaming and applicable to all accounts in its particularity, contracted

The following are the General Conditions of our service and Virtual Hosting Reseller Service, applicable to all accounts contracted ensures that all data provided through the forms will be used in the manner and with the limitations and rights granted by Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (Act) (Spain .)

The treatment and management of them meet the provisions of Royal Decree 994/1999 of 11 June, which approves the Regulations on security measures for automated files containing personal data.
To protect your privacy, data collection forms are sent encrypted systems using HTTPS security protocol, ensuring confidentiality in the transmission of personal data. Customer authorizes the use and processing of the personal information you provide, requiring collection for discharge, delivery and billing of the service, and for the promotion of products and services StartPower
The customer authorizes such data, technical and operational reasons, may be transferred and stored safely in the U.S. The data may be provided to other regulated entities relating enabling the delivery, control and billing service.


On the one hand, managed by Start Power Service, hereinafter ("StartPower"), the other hand the ("Customer") agree to the following terms of this service contract:

For the domains


- "Customer" any person or entity completing the application form for registration and / or transfer of a domain name. This person does not have to match the domain name holder concerned. In which case, being an intermediary between the registrar and the domain name holder must inform the latter at least the obligations it assumed in obtaining that title with respect to the relevant Registrar.

- "Head and / or Registrant" natural or legal person who acquires the right to use the domain name chosen and given only for the purpose of addressing the system of Internet domain names during the period determined by the competent Registrar.

- "Contract" all the clauses contained in this document, together with the contract form and any additional information about the particular service contract chosen by the customer, collect updated so expressly in the URL http://, forming a unit that requires the parties.


THE RULES ESTABLISHED BY COMPETENT RECORDERS (names of second level domain under the relevant extension) SHALL BE MANDATORY and therefore may influence the way of providing the service by StartPower addition, this legislation will provide interpretation for clauses of this contract in all matters affecting them relating to domain name registration, transfer, conflict resolution, change in ownership, change of registrant, but does not affect the contractual relationship created between itself and the client StartPower.


- "Domain Name" character set that by identifying a DNS address (IP) on the Internet. A given server can have more than one domain name, but a given domain name is attributed only to a server.


- "IDN (Internationalized Domain Names)" IDNs, multilingual characters of any language, defined as those other than those included in the English alphabet.


- "IDN. Is: Internet domain names under the country code for Spain (. S) of second and third level with multilingual characters, defined as those typical of the Spanish languages other than those included in the English alphabet, These are:

á, à
é, è
í, ï
ó, ò
ú, ü


- "IDN. See: Internet domain names under the country code for Venezuela (. Ve) second and third level with multilingual characters, defined as those typical of the Spanish languages other than those included in the English alphabet, These are:

á, à
é, è
í, ï
ó, ò
ú, ü


- "Registrar (Registrar)" registrant authority or agency, national or international public or private, authorized by ICANN to manage domain names and publish, through whois, the information requested by the holder, contacts and DNS domainsadministered.


Information on generic domain registrars:

Information on the territorial domain registrars:


- "Registrar-Supplier" registrar accredited by ICANN to register domain names with which StartPower maintains a business relationship for the provision of services under this contract.


- "Payment Contact" person or entity responsible for payment of the domain corresponding to the Registrar.


- "Administrative Contact" person or entity responsible for managing a domain.


- "Technical Contact" natural or legal person entrusted with the operation of the Domain Name Servers.


- "ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)" nonprofit corporation formed to assume, among other functions, the responsibility for the location of IP addresses, assigning protocol, system management and domain names server, in short, to ensure the functioning and stability in the network.


- "WHOIS" is an interactive publicly accessible on the Internet that provides information on ownership, contact details and availability of a domain name or IP address.


Client area (Administrative Panel) tool developed by WHMCS to be awarded to each customer and allows, among other things, hire and manage their products, see the invoices, update your billing information, create authorized users access the control panel and make authenticated requests, so that each order cause technical and administrative actions necessary for the development of the required action.


Login and password authentication systems that allow the customer and / or its authorized users to access the web control panel and the Administrative Panel, as well as grant applications and information on the plan contract, that is, This system ensures that access to the contract plans, data and information is secure, reliable, truthful and always come from customers or authorized users for this StartPower uses these systems to identify, authenticate and verify the person customer and / or their authorized users.


For Hosting:


- "Hosting Plans (hosting)" space on servers owned by StartPower where is located the domain name of the client, by giving resources and applications unique offering StartPower plans and set out on a date on the website company, Hosting Plans subject to the conditions of this contract offer shared hosting servers StartPower, ie several different clients websites are hosted on one server.


- "Resources and Applications" is the technical and computer programming facilitated and supported by different hosting plans that the customer contracts.


- "Servers" StartPower owned computers that store or host data and information that the client develops Hosting Plans offered by


- "Web Panel" is a tool developed by Plesk or Cpanel that is awarded, usually, with every Hosting Plan for the client management of resources and applications available to the plan contract and even turn additional services or extensions whose prices are determined so updated in those hosting plans that allow it.




2.1. - All rates offered by StartPower Plans are expressed in Euros and in some cases in U.S. $ and are specified in each Plan page within

2.2. - StartPower rates do not include VAT, so that the Client undertakes to pay the VAT on the services offered by StartPower in Spain. For customers with contracts from any other country in the world, we will not issue tax invoices, the Customer may request the issuance of a payment voucher Digital.

2.3. - Payment for services purchased by Customer will be made monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually, according to your selection in the contract, anticipated periods from date of contract.

2.4. - In the case of a high StartPower first month billed once without the customer is entitled to a refund of that amount in the event wish to cause the supply service. The minimum contract period is one month from the date of discharge. Extensions of contract shall be made automatically each month.

2.5. - Payments will be made always in Euros or U.S. $ as the case and the only forms of payment accepted will be paid by credit card, deposit or bank transfer.

2.6. - If for any reason beyond StartPower, a receipt will result unpaid, shall be entitled to charge StartPower a surcharge to cover processing fees the bank charges resulting from such repayment and the cost of the administrative burden arising therefrom in the accounting department StartPower.

2.7. - The price of the services include customer service staff through support tickets. The schedule customer service via VOIP or traditional phone is from 10:00 am to 14:00 and from 14:00 to 20:00 hours from Spain, Monday through Friday.Office hours for support is for 24 hours a day via ticket system. From the day of maturity, StartPower entitled to cancel or suspend the Customer's account until the situation is regularized. After the unpaid utility bill will result in a period of 10 calendar days StartPower have the right to delete the account with all the information on this.

2.8 - Payment by cash deposits or electronic transfers of the same bank, will require compliance time to 24 hours and payment by check or bank transfers will require a different compliance time of 72 hours.

2.9 The Non-payment of any invoices submitted by the due date will result in automatic suspension of any of the installed services, in the case of a shovel will be hosting 10 days of grace, dedicated servers, VPS and streaming 5 days of graceand notice of extension to 10 days of grace, the 30-day grace domains and accounts for any dealer to 5-day grace period and notice of extension to 10-day grace period after these periods of service by will be removed and will not hold back any information therefore this deletion leads to loss of the information contained in any of the services, and client releases and hence StartPower any liability for loss of information, it being understood that the clause is clearly exposed 3.7.B that contentiva data backup service is the sole responsibility of the customer.




A. On domain names

3.1. - StartPower agrees, if requested by the Customer, the Customer process by registering your own domain to the bodies authorized to register Internet domain (Internic), undergoing registration procedures established by them.

3.2. - The data the Customer provides StartPower for registration of the domain name will be transferred automatically to the appropriate approval body.

3.3. - Notify the Customer StartPower domain name after obtaining the appropriate registration with such bodies (if the customer wishes can register yourself, then StartPower not be responsible for its processing or renewals).

3.4. - Customer acknowledges that corresponds to submit a request StartPower domain name to the approved bodies, but the granting of registration of the domain name is the sole responsibility of such agencies. Also, the ownership and ultimate responsibility for the domain name rests with the Customer. Renewal invoices subsequent domain name will be in charge and responsibility.

3.5. - In the case of a registered domain at no cost to the customer by StartPower represented by under the promotion FREE DOMAIN FOREVER, the domain will be registered to the Customer. Ecodominio Being the owner and your property may be granted to the client until thirty (30) days after its expiration when the request canceling the cost value of the domain to the time of formal application to transfer the domain to another different provider the client will never request such property will be denied and cancel the principal amount of the time domain to the price that you apply no right to renewal time each year additional term that was freely given, plans subject to this article are those offered in the promotion DOMAIN FREE FOREVER.

3.6 The international domains can be renewed free until 30 days after its expiry, after this period the domain user shall pay directly to the Registrar (Directi) the amount of USD $ 80.00 of procedures for recovery of the domain and not do so within 30 days of the domain is free to be acquired by any other person or the StartPower The renewal term is given by StartPower as a courtesy to its customers and does not indicate obligation and that is why, beating a domain StartPower is free to do with the domain that you see fit, since at the time of maturity the customer loses all right of use and liability claims or Ecodominio StartPower domain to default and agrees to release them from liability for non-payment of the customer. In the case of domains. VE is subject to the rules laid NIC.VE.

3.7 The Domains. Go StartPower only takes the application domain and does not check its availability, it is the customer who wants to buy a domain VE check availability in NIC.VE only valid registrar for the registration of these domains, if the customer request a VE and this domain is registered and the customer must take another registration option in any case StartPower will refund any money.

3.8-The application for registration of a domain does not mean the reservation of the same, the domain will be registered at the time of receiving payment in both credit card or deposit or electronic transfer at this time including the conformity of the payment as set out in clause 2.9, if the period of application for registration of a domain and the conformity of the payment by any method of payment, the domain is registered by a third party StartPower not responsible for this, being on hand for the client's income the acquisition of any other services of equal or as part payment of the new product is higher or lower both the input value.

3.9-If the customer makes payment on the last day of grace or the last day of renewal with payment of penalty, by the known methods, exempts StartPower and hence the possible loss of control, because the client is aware of the limits of time to confirm payment.

3.10-SPAM Performing a domain leads to complete loss of this.


3.1.B - Acceptance of orders from StartPower. StartPower reserves the right to accept any request for services by clients. It is understood that an order has been accepted as the Customer receives written confirmation of acceptance by StartPower. StartPower undertakes to explain to the Customer in writing the reasons for non-acceptance of an order by mail or mail.

3.2.B - Obtaining information from StartPower. StartPower perform technical processes necessary to dump the information in the computer support provided by the Customer, in the area allocated for this purpose in StartPower Servers, committing the Customer to provide any information and documentation StartPower were required to perform this procedure until total completion.

3.3.b - Change of information by the Customer. In the event that, subsequent to the signing of this contract, the Customer wishes to make changes in the information contained in the contract, must come to this, via Administrative Panel.

3.4.b - The Customer may request StartPower increases in the assigned area (disk space, transfer rate), however, these increases will be billed to Customer in accordance with current rates StartPower.

3.5.b - interruptions in services. StartPower reserves the right to terminate a specific plan and to vary the conditions or prerequisites to continue offering it. In these cases, which will always be on reasonable grounds, StartPower undertakes to inform the customer well in advance of the reasons that lead you to make this decision.

3.6.B-transfer rate (see appendix in FAQ)

3.7.B-It is understood that all information entered by the user on your site is your responsibility and only and shall maintain a backup of all this, both the pages as databases and email accounts, StartPower not responsible for this information or its loss due to acts of God such as hacking, fire, earthquake or other fault of their own. Anti-Spam Policy

3.7.C-With respects to UNLIMITED plans offered on our site to be a shared host unlimited disk space will be up to 20GB and that greater use our services may collapse, is not allowed at all the storage of information of any kind that fill this space is PECIAL in music files, videos and movies.

3.8.B: StartPower has a zero policy on SPAM, Junk E-mail or UCE. The Spam, Junk E-mail and UCE are defined as sending the same or substantially similar messages, unsolicited email, commercial or otherwise, to one or more email accounts. A message is considered unsolicited if it violates the conditions of a newsgroup or sent to an email account that has not requested the message. The UCE also includes e-mail with forged headers, compromised the mail server relays, and false contact information. This prohibition extends to sending of unsolicited email from another service, which in any way involves the use of servers StartPower whether or not the message actually originated from our network. Block Removal: If Customer actions have caused mail servers StartPower or ranges of IP addresses StartPower be placed on blacklists and other filtering software systems, mail StartPower used by the Internet, determine the client € 110.00 penalty to the customer account and 100.00 € for administrative costs incurred to eliminate complaints and blacklists to protect mail servers and IP blocks. Counts Mailbox. Use our network to receive responses from unsolicited emails (spam) sent from a network of a third party is prohibited. Header Forgery: Forgery of headers ("spoofing") is prohibited. Proxy Spamming: Spamming via third parties through by a proxy, creating lists of proxies, or installation of software to send through proxies is prohibited. Relay. Setting up a mail server to accept and process messages from third parties to send without identification and authentication of users is prohibited. Mass Mail: Sending unsolicited mass mailings total considered spam. Unsolicited email is defined as email sent to an account that has not been registered within a customer's mail list. Senders of mass mailings must maintain complete and accurate records of all members of your mailing list, including email and its headers, and provide such records to StartPower if required. If the client can not verify that the issuer of the complaint is a member of your mailing list, complaints are viewed as evidence that will be signed and unsolicited mail (spam). Mailing Lists: The mass mailing rules also apply to StartPower the Mailing Lists.Policy is indicated as follows: A list is acceptable if the mail recipients have voluntarily signed up to receive information via e-mail, using a testing software registration process. The list must also allow automatic removal of all customers who do not want to receive more information in the future.

3.9.B-IP Allocation: StartPower administers an Internet network on which multiple Customer servers reside. Customers will not use IP addresses that were assigned by the network administrator or NOC. Any server utilizing IP addresses outside the assigned range will be suspended from network access until the transfer of IP addresses can be corrected. Using an unauthorized IP will result in a charge of 25.00 €. By use of an unauthorized IP cree a client to a third cause disruption to the service and will result in a € 110.00 charge pending resolution of the allocation of IP.

3.10.B-IRC: IRC StartPower prohibited. Servers or sites placed IRC will be considered to be in violation of these conditions.

3.11.B.-Attacks: any malicious activity is observed and this caused the server to a client can result in immediate suspension of service without notice or protest. Reseller: The reseller is responsible for the conduct of their customers and agreeing with these conditions shall be the same for their customers. Resellers must find out to their customers use these policies and the consequences of their violation.

3.12.B. - Forums: The forums must comply with the standards established by the Internet community. Acts prohibited include, but are not limited to, the following: Placement of articles and / or URLs for commercial purposes, except as permitted by the administrator or FAQ of that particular group. Attaching binary files to groups that do not take into account binary placements in group conditions. Excessive cross-posting and / or Excessive multi-posting is considered to be the equivalent of spamming the forum. StartPower reserves the sole authority to determine the ads that are the Excessive Cross-posting or multi-posting

3.13.B.-Suspension and Cancellation: StartPower use reasonable care in the customer notification and resolution of the problem resulting in the least amount of service interference as reasonably possible. StartPower reserves the right to suspend service to any customer located on our servers for violation of the Terms of Use without notice or protest. StartPower reserves the right to terminate service for violation of the Terms of Use without notice or protest. The

3.14.B.-use conditions will lead to the following: A warning notification via ticket, or by phone 72 hours in advance to solve the problem, 72 hours is the standard notification; situations involving law enforcement, phishing, fraud, forging and search passwords, network interference , denial or interruption of service, use IRC, or other malicious activity can reduce the time frame of notification. Failure to resolve the violation of the terms of use within 72 hours will result in the following: The removal of infringing content service Removal of DNS server Temporary shutdown of the server Blocking of outgoing mail

3.15.B.-Repetition of the above terms will result in the following: immediate disconnection of service without reactivation. Penalty of € 100.00 if the customer explains the violation.




StartPower reserves the right to set certain standards on the use of services and content of the pages of the Clients. These rules are described here:


4.1 Contents page The client disclaims any liability for the content of the published information and undertakes not to provide any material injurious to the rights of others.

4.2 The Customer shall not post any material that contains images or text relating to child pornography. Also may refer either to external sites to our server containing such material. Customer is solely responsible for seeing that kind of banners or links on your site supports, which may link to material as described.

4.3 The Customer shall not post any material unless the licensee has the ownership.Nor can publish crackers or how to obtain them, or any material that violates the copyright laws for both software as well as music.

4.4 The Customer undertakes not to misuse of resources under no circumstances are included in this make SPAM of any kind, legal or not their local law, nor exceed the transfer rate assigned to the contracted plan.

4.5 StartPower reserves the right to deny grace period accounts when appropriate and at their own discretion. As we have no plans to submit their websites to prior review, the customer accepts that we may terminate access to your site if we were to discover that their content is harmful to the interests of others, contains child pornography or links or referencesto external sites, or contrary to international laws on illegal content, in which include: Terrorism, Slander against persons or StartPower, and as described above. The customer is always able to demonstrate that such content does not violate these conditions, in which case, if the evidence were compelling, access will be restored immediately.




5.1. - StartPower warrants for the term of this contract, the availability of the allocated space, or its amendments, as set out in clause third.

5.2. - Also commits to StartPower every effort to ensure the proper storage of information, so that is at the disposal of Internet users without interruption during the term of this contract.

5.3. - However, StartPower not be liable for interruptions of availability of such information due to reasons of force majeure or beyond the control of StartPower.Are considered beyond the control of StartPower, among others, the following elements or resources: Modem User's computer system PC Net PC or Web Connection software Browser software Applets, ActiveX controls and plug-ins in the navigation Virus Switched Telephone Network, ISDN, frame relay, cable, satellite and other transport infrastructure and telecommunications Faults not covered in the Hardware / Software Servants Acts of Force Majeure

5.4. - StartPower may discontinue, temporarily storing the information on its Servers, or the availability of the same by Internet users, for security reasons, or for restructuring StartPower computing resources aimed at improving its servicesstorage and provision of information via the Internet. In any case, StartPower make its best efforts to ensure that such interruptions minimally affect the Customer. StartPower not be liable for damages caused by such interruptions, if they are caused by one of the reasons described in sections 5.3. and 5.4

5.5. Support StartPower is only required to provide the support necessary for the contracted service. Although the intention of the company is to establish a direct working relationship with each client, our workload can eventually cause can not answer questions that are not directly related to the service. StartPower deliver ongoing support to all customers that are current in payment of their service. For this application the official channel of support is through the Support Center. Any other medium, including the interactive window that we have on our home page, has been established only for purpose of answering inquiries from visitors, not for direct support, therefore, no obligation to maintain these active systems for 48 hours. Support requests have a response time of 24 hours, although our average response time is within the first 120 minutes generated the request. According to the workload, our technicians will respond as soon as possible, never exceeding the maximum term unless the specific request of the customer requires more time for final settlement. The emails sent by customers or answer emails sent through our systems or support requesting information will be deleted automatically by our system and no one will read them as the only acceptable way for help, support and information is through our ticketing and support system for that we enable all our pages on a button marked with the word SUPPORT, if the service is out of the network only accept mails of support. He did not receive support response emails, does not indicate or excuse for non-response the same as the support system generates a number with which the customer can enter the system to verify if you got an answer to your ticket

5.6 Dedicated servers and VPS do not have any kind of support since they are self-managed, StartPower and therefore only offers, reinstallation of the operating system at no cost for dedicated server clients, automatic or manual reboots at no cost for server clients and in case of extreme failure, the server will be virtualized in rescue mode so that the client can repair the server's software problem or recover its data. For VPS customers will have a PROXMOX panel where they can turn off, turn on or restart their computers and tempt a console to connect to their operating system even when the VPS is out of service as long as the damage does not eliminate the start of the VPS, they can also unlimitedly install the selected operating system by itself and exchange support via the operating system for a different one via support up to 3 times at no cost. The loss of data or information is clear in the condition of clause 3.7.B of the entire responsibility of the client to maintain a backup of their information.
StartPower offers backup packages for all your Dedicated or VPS customers.

5.7-It is the responsibility of the customer the security of your dedicated server, as this is delivered with the operating system and as the case with your web panel, the entire server security software will be charged to the client. Network exists in many products that are totally free and secure server.

5.8-is your responsibility to the security of your hosting space, these spaces StartPower delivers both the individual and the reseller with the necessary security for the server, the client should avoid giving 777 permissions to both files and folders and keep open channels propis PHP.INI or your files. https to avoid intrusion into your space or server, thoroughly review scripts Open Sourcey keep them updated, not cracked or nulled install programs, as well as programs or script free if not from a recognized firm.

5.9-The shared server configuration is not modified in any respect as this could affect safety.

5.10-Installing software or cracked or nulled script is automatic grounds for permanent suspension of service, for infringement of intellectual property developers thereof. This type of failure does not generate money back.




6.1. - The Client exonerates StartPower any responsibility for the content of the information given to StartPower for storage in the assigned area of StartPower Servers.

6.2. - The Customer is solely responsible for any claims or legal action, judicial or extrajudicial, both initiated by third parties against Customer as against StartPower, and based on the content of that information, assuming the Customer all costs, expenses and indemnities irrogadas to StartPower connection with these claims and proceedings.

6.3. - Any user who deposited information StartPower server in the form of web pages, or otherwise, that allows third party access will not become, under this act, a partner or collaborator StartPower but is an independent publisher or disseminator of content. Because connecting the server to the network, StartPower not become publisher and distributor of information stored by the user in the system StartPower and therefore assumes no responsibility for the harm that such content may cause to other users. Customer acknowledges that the information which can be accessed through the access service is the responsibility of whoever makes it. Consequently, StartPower not be liable in any case or in any way the content of third party information to which the customer can access, or for the damages that the Customer may suffer by virtue of such third party information, regardless of that access to such information is made through links, direct or consequential, whose origin is in web pages served by StartPower. Also considered resources that are out StartPower control, among others, the following: Programs, text and user data Unmoderated newsgroup server itself Newsgroups from other servers Chats Distribution Lists FTP and Telnet accounts User pictures (. Jpeg,. Gif,. Bmp etc..)

6.4. - In order to prevent violations that can be held liable StartPower civil alternative, the Customer expressly authorizes StartPower to make the necessary control measures to check the type of information stored on the server that is under his administration. This authorization includes the monitoring of emails and access to password protected areas. The Client also authorizes StartPower to provide the data that are required by state security forces, in the course of a police investigation.

6.5. - StartPower has a page or form in which any person affected by the activity of one of its clients on the network, or information stored on the server administered by StartPower can inform the system administrator for the origin of the acts orinformation it considers unlawful or immoral.

6.6. - StartPower is committed to making every effort to maintain an acceptable level in fulfilling its contractual obligations, but can not guarantee, express or implied, continuity of service at a particular time, integrity of information stored or transferred through your system or the Internet. StartPower no liability from unauthorized access by third parties Customer information stored in the system, loss or corruption of it.

6.7. - StartPower not be liable to the Customer or the Customer before any damage resulting from these cases, including in them: total or partial loss of information, lack of access to Internet, or inability to transmit or receive information caused for delays or service interruptions, whether or not StartPower liability or negligence.




7.1. - The Customer warrants that it owns the information stored in the assigned area or in any case, has the corresponding authorization to release information over the Internet.

7.2. - To ensure the purpose of this contract, the Client authorizes the StartPower to back up the information given by the Customer to StartPower during the term of this contract.

7.3. - StartPower owns all rights to its trademark, services, patents and knowledge related to the design and operation of the service plans offered, as well as hardware and software necessary to operate them. This agreement does not constitute a license to Customer to use for other purposes such rights.




8.1. - Customer acknowledges that, under its contractual relationship with StartPower could access information and materials related to business plans, customer lists, technology or marketing strategies for StartPower valuable and should not fall into the hands of others.

8.2. - Customer agrees not to use this information for its own benefit or that of third parties not authorized by StartPower.

8.3. - The Client also undertakes to take steps to ensure that this information does not fall into the hands of others.

8.4. - The Client also agrees to return or destroy these materials once their contract with StartPower. StartPower reserves the right to seek damages to the Customer in case of default.




9.1. - Customer authorizes StartPower for the use and processing of the personal information you provide, which for technical reasons and location of our servers (or for operational reasons) will travel to the U.S. where they are stored. Meanwhile StartPower undertakes, in the use of such data, to respect its confidentiality by accessing them solely for billing purposes and not giving it to others without your consent and use them only for the purposes for which they were collected .

9.2. - The user may exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of their personal data, but at least it should provide an e-mail and a valid telephone number for purposes of communication between both parties for the duration of the contractual relationship.



10.1. - The relations between the parties are those of a client and a service provider.

10.2. - The Customer shall have no right to compel third parties StartPower without the express consent of StartPower.

10.3. - Unless the procedural law demanded otherwise, the parties agree to communicate by email, fax or mail, using the most current addresses and phone numbers in his possession. The parties are required to retain proof of notifications made to the party.




11.1. - Renewal of Contract This contract is automatically renewed if the parties continue to fulfill its contractual obligations. May, however, canceled early in the following cases: By the Customer, by written notice at least 15 days before the date you wish to terminate the relationship. By StartPower, by notice to the Customer at least 5 days notice, stating the reasons for the cancellation and giving the customer the opportunity to correct them if there was case. By StartPower through simple communication by e-mail without notice, if the Customer fails to comply with these conditions points relating specifically to child pornography, and SPAM activities that threaten the integrity of individuals or StartPower .

11.2. - General system This agreement will terminate by the general causes established in the applicable legislation, especially for breach of the obligations of this writing. However, StartPower immediately may terminate this contract if: StartPower receive a notice which tells you that the content of the information violates the rights of others, or cause harm to them; or StartPower receives notice which informs you that the content of the information can constitute criminal activity under the laws of the country of the issuer of the notice, regardless of the content of the information constitutes or not an offense under the law of the country of residence of the Customer or StartPower. In the event of default of the payment obligations set for the Customer under this contract. In the event produced a "mailbombing" or excessive traffic caused directly or indirectly by the Customer, to alter the functioning of the server. StartPower SPAM receives notification produced by the customer or a customer account, in addition to suspending the offending account the customer must pay in bolivars at the official rate the amount of $ 330 per penalty.




The rights and obligations of the Customer shall not be subrogated to any third party without the written consent of StartPower, which is committed to reason if the causes of non-acceptance.




StartPower may at any time make modifications in the terms of this contract if the Customer communicates with at least 10 days in advance. It is understood that you agree if after this period continues to utilize the services StartPower. The changes proposed by the Customer must have the express written approval of StartPower to be valid.




If any part of this contract is contrary to law and therefore invalid, this shall not affect other provisions lawful. The parties agree to renegotiate parts of the contract that will result null and incorporate the rest of the contract.




15.1. - The law applicable to this contract is the Spanish, as StartPower decision.

15.2. - For any legal matter, both parties submit to the Courts of the City of Madrid, waiving their own jurisdiction if different.


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